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UK weather forecast: Britain to bask in sizzling 21C THIS bank holiday weekend

NewsUK weather forecast: Britain to bask in sizzling 21C THIS bank holiday weekend

But warnings have been issued for an increased risk of wildfires in the UK. Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said that the weather will be “settled and dry” over the weekend, with temperatures reaching as high as 21C at the beginning of May. Ms Farrow said: “Temperatures look to stay in the mid to high teens, perhaps just managing 20 or 21C at the very start of May.”

She added: “With milder air, the temperatures will nudge up, to the high teens and could tip just into the low twenties, but still needing the sunshine.

“Sunday will see more central and eastern areas in the high teens Celsius.

“By Monday, warm for southern Britain and Manchester, and Glasgow.”

But the warm weather, combined with the extended dry spell seen by the UK, brings with it an increased risk of fires.

The National Park Authority announced a fire alert ahead of people visiting the North York Moors this bank holiday weekend.

Signs have been put up across the moors warning of an “Extreme Fire Risk”.

Senior Ranger, Bernie McLinden, said: “Past experience has shown us that under these types of conditions, moorland fires can spread extremely quickly causing significant damage to the landscape and its wildlife.

“It is not unprecedented for fires to occur at this time of year and the majority of moorland fires can be prevented so we would urge people to take extra care when visiting the National Park while the fire risk signs are in place.”

Ms Farrow said: “In the runup to the early May Bank Holiday weekend, Fire & Rescue teams are repeating their safety advice as more people head out in the dry weather and warm sunshine. For managing fire risk and staying safe near water.”

She added: “Any fine UK weather will be celebrated and enjoyed by those with time off work.

“Warm sunshine can make open water seem appealing, although the air still has a cool edge to it this week in the shade and particularly by night so cold-water shock is being highlighted.

“Also, the risk of wildfires, although the dry weather is only one part of the fire risk picture.

“Both water rescue and tackling wildfires are, unfortunately, in the news too often.”

According to the Met Office’s Fire Severity Index (FSI) maps, there is a high fire severity risk across much of England on Friday and Saturday.

In some parts of the Midlands, the risk is categorised as Very High.

The FSI is an “assessment of how severe a fire could become if one were to start”.

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