UK weather forecast: Britons brace for bitter 1C Atlantic blast 'cold enough for snow'

Due to a weather front rolling in from the Atlantic, conditions across the country will become unsettled, forecasters said. While conditions may be unsettled, they reported the mercury could fall to as low as 1C in some parts of the country. For large parts of the country, the mercury will remain at 3C (55F) due to the cold snap.

Only some parts of the north and Midlands will see a high of 6C (42F) on October 23.

For Wales too, the temperatures will hover around 3C, while parts of the northeast will see the mercury fall to 3C.

The majority of Scotland will experience brutally cold conditions on October 23, with graphs from WXCharts predicting levels as low as 1C.

Such is the drop in temperature, the BBC forecast some wintry spells in Scotland.

Due to the cold snap, anomaly charts show levels falling to 6C below what is normally expected for this time of year.

The greater drop in these charts will be for London and the southeast of England.

For the rest of the country, the charts show levels 4C below what is normally expected for this time of year.

The BBC said for the week between October 25 to 31: “The final week of October should carry on much as next week, with low pressure systems moving into the UK from the west or northwest and bringing frequent rain, stormy days, and changeable day-to-day temperatures.

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“This weakens the jet stream but also shifts the winds to be more northerly.

“The result is the wet but much colder outlook for the end of the month, which is even cold enough for snow in northern Scottish hills. “

While not as cold for the majority of the country, temperature charts show the mercury falling to 0C (32F) in Scotland on October 22.

Freezing conditions will also be experienced in parts of the north of England.

For the rest of the country, temperatures will range from 7C (44F) in East Anglia to 1C in Newcastle.

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