UK weather forecast: Britons to bathe in TEN-day Indian Summer as October scorcher looms

The remnants of Hurricane Sam have pulled deep low-pressure fronts towards Iceland and opened up the atmosphere for a warm air surge coming in from the continent. Jim NR Dale, the author of ‘Weather or Not?’ and founder of British Weather Services, has described the British weather opening up to allow for a “relatively very warm” October. Mr Dale told “In the last 24 hours in the London area there was a wrap-around low-pressure system with some heavy rain, but this will not stretch into tomorrow,

“This stormy weather will go this evening into the North Sea.

“Next coming is an Indian Summer for the UK that will replace the wet weather that we saw yesterday.

“The UK will start to take in high pressure and warming winds coming into England and Wales.

“For the next ten days, there will be plenty of dry sunny and relatively very warm weather.

“Weather could be 22 degrees Celsius plus.”

The meteorologist described how “more heat in the atmosphere because of global warming” makes for a greater amount of water being held in the atmosphere and falling as heavier rain.

This was a possible cause of Monday’s downpour in the London area.

However, Mr Dale added that for the next ten days, “there will not be unsettled weather and there will not be more rain to come”.

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Going into specifics, the founder of British Weather Services said: “The Midlands will see 20 to 21 degrees Celsius, this is again showing the potential of global warming and what it does which intensifies the weather that we have.

“So, when there are high temperatures, you get warmth and summer coming back when you think you are heading for winter.”

The meteorologist added that the Indian Summer set to bathe Britain “will last until mid-October”.

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