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UK weather: Turbulent weekend for Brits with sweltering heat and thunderstorms

NewsUK weather: Turbulent weekend for Brits with sweltering heat and thunderstorms

The temperature levels are likely to rise to 25C, warn weather experts. The highest temperatures over the next few days will be in the south, with it reaching 20C today and a degree or two more on Friday before peaking at 25C over the weekend.

Heading into the weekend the high pressure system will be in charge, with mainly dry weather and temperatures in the mid-20Cs but there is also a warning of thunderstorms.

BBC weather forecaster Nick Miller said: “It will be pleasantly warm especially when you get to see some sunshine, high pressure is close by but that is not the whole story.

“Later Saturday, Saturday night, first thing Sunday there are some showers, some thunderstorms pushing up from the south and into parts of England and Wales, some of those come back Sunday night and into Monday morning.”

Jo Farrow, weather expert with Netweather.tv said: “The weekend starts with high pressure to the south of the UK, settling the weather down and allowing the blustery winds to ease.

“To the north, low pressure moves away to Lapland and the colder air over the far north of Scotland drifts away.

“It will be quite cool overnight across the UK with many places seeing temperatures fall down into single figures.

“Southern and eastern Britain will have clear spells but there will be a bit more cloud further west with patchy rain and damp conditions just clinging on for north west Scotland.”

The weather expert suggested that Saturday will be a fine, dry day with warm sunny spells.

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“Sunday looks to see a shift in the warmest areas if an easterly breeze picks up. With the sea still cool at this time of year the air won’t feel as warm especially where there is more cloud.

“The forecast for Sunday becomes more tricky. Overall, there will be a lot of settled fine weather, again warm in the sunshine.

“However, the various models are throwing in clusters of heavy, thundery showers.

“Some forecast to move up from the English Channel on Saturday night across southern Britain, heading northeast with only a few reaching north Wales and northern England.”

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