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Ukraine’s wildcard former MP who wants Russia to nuke his homeland

WorldUkraine’s wildcard former MP who wants Russia to nuke his homeland

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned this weekend that the world should “prepare” for Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons against his country. In an interview with the Ukrainian press, he said: “We shouldn’t wait for the moment when Russia decides to use nuclear weapons. We must prepare for that.” Mr Zelensky added that he is “convinced” Putin could, and would, use “any weapon”.

His warnings come just days after a disgraced former Ukrainian MP urged Moscow to use weapons of mass destruction against his homeland.

Ilya Kiva was an unsuccessful candidate in the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election, receiving merely a few thousand votes under the banner of the Socialist Party of Ukraine.

Just a few months later, he performed a political U-turn and was elected as a member of the pro-Russian ‘Opposition Platform — For Life’ in the parliamentary elections.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Mr Kyva expressed his support for the invasion, blaming Mr Zelensky for the war and calling on him to resign.

However, Mr Kiva had fled to Spain in the weeks before the invasion, and was expelled from his party on March 3.

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Ilya Kiva

Ilya Kiva urged his country to launch weapons of mass destruction on his homeland. (Image: GETTY)

Volodymyr Zelensky

Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russia could launch nuclear weapons at any time. (Image: GETTY)

He is now reported to be in Russia, and has been charged by Ukraine with treason.

This weekend, he went one step further and called on Russia to turn to weapons of mass destruction.

Writing on his Telegram page, with a picture of a nuclear explosion, he said: “Zelensky, his entourage and Western curators, are most afraid of a Russian preemptive strike, weapons of mass destruction.

“This is what can put an end to today’s confrontation, not only with the Ukrainian authorities, but with the entire West.”

Mr Kiva claimed the West already “openly takes part today in the military conflict in Ukraine”, adding that Western participation “will only grow”.

Ilya Kiva

Ilya Kiva was expelled from his party last month. (Image: Wikimedia Commons.)

He said: “Time is dragging on and new steps are being prepared to inflict damage and damage to Russia.”

In a separate Telegram post, Mr Kiva claimed: “US and British intelligence are working on new targets for delivering, in the near future, strikes by Ukrainian short-range cruise missiles ‘Neptune’.

“The West has gradually moved from supplying weapons to directly participating in a military confrontation with Russia — using its intelligence and guidance systems for Ukrainian missiles.

“The flight range of the Neptune cruise missile is 280 kilometres, the ability to destroy ships and ground targets.

“I think that this should be taken seriously in planning a military operation.”

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Nuclear explosion.

A nuclear weapon would easily flatten an entire town. (Image: GETTY)

Tactical nuclear weapons can destroy an area the size of a football stadium, but the fallout plume and local contaminations would cause much wider damage.

Russia’s strategic missiles could easily flatten an entire town or city.

Putin placed his nuclear deterrent forces on special alert just a number of days after sending troops over the Ukrainian border.

He warned the West that it would face “consequences that you have never encountered in your history” if it intervened in the conflict.

In 2015, Russian state television presenter Dmitry Kiselyov claimed Russia “is the only country in the world realistically capable of turning the US into radioactive ash”.

Vladimir Putin

Putin placed his nuclear deterrent forces on special alert days after he invaded. (Image: GETTY)

The Kremlin has consistently maintained that it would turn to nuclear weapons in the event of an “existential threat for our country”, quite what this means is not entirely clear, however.

Regarding the use of nuclear and chemical weapons, Mr Kiva claimed: “If anyone thinks that this is not according to the rules, remember: the West wrote these rules in its own interests and only in order to more effectively destroy you.”

A former Russian foreign minister sought to play down nuclear war fears this weekend.

Andrei Kozyrev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation under Putin’s predecessor Boris Yeltsin, told Fox News nuclear weapons would only be used in “very, very specific situations”.

He explained: “If Russia or one of those countries really felt threatened in their hearts — existentially, that is… if NATO troops come to Moscow, then probably they will resort to nuclear weapons.

“But there is no existential threat to Russia under the present circumstances.”

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