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Ukrainian man calls army to have house bombed after spotting Russia soldiers on webcam

WorldUkrainian man calls army to have house bombed after spotting Russia soldiers on webcam

Andrey Stavnitser said he spotted the soldiers inside thanks to the webcam of his computer and immediately contacted the Ukrainian military to have his house bombed. Mr Stavnitser said the camera showed the soldiers piling up equipment around the home and was prompted to call the army in order to target the officers. Speaking to CNN, the Ukrainian now living in Poland said he was “ok” to have his house bombed to stop the Russian soldiers.

He said: “What I saw was Russian soldiers walking around my house.

“And Russian military equipment pulling up to my premises.

“This is when I called the Ukrainian military and told them the coordinates of my house, and told them I’m ok with them bombing my house.”

Mr Stavnitser originally shared his story on Facebook, confirming the house in Irpin had ultimately been targeted by the Ukrainian army in a bid to stop the enemy soldiers.


In the post, he said: “You look into the webcam of your house, and there in the yard Russian military deploys 12 units of combat equipment, including the Russian Federation, Tornado-G, and Grades.

“Your house is built in such a way that it works as a perfect shelter, from which it is very convenient to stroll around Kyiv. Why did they even show up?

“Question: How long will it take until you report the exact coordinates of your house of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to start a fire?”

He added: “We will rebuild the house, we will rebuild the country, the main thing is to save as many lives as possible.

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“PS friends, stop praising me, please – I didn’t hit them with my bare hands. And I know at least a few stories of similar people – both about homes and enterprises. The real heroes of this and similar stories are only ZSU

“Alas, they managed to shoot from my yard (it’s easy to restore the walls, it’s harder to restore justice.”

Despite being forced to retreat from Kyiv after weeks of failed attempts to take over the Ukrainian capital, Russian forces have continued to heavily target the east of the country in a bid to completely take over the Donbas region.

Vladimir Putin is believed to be hoping to secure a significant victory ahead of the Victory Parade scheduled for May 9, an attempt to showcase progress to the Russian population after over two months of war.


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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said lifting Western sanctions on Russia was part of the peace talks, which he said were difficult but continued daily by video link.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has insisted since the Russian invasion began that sanctions needed to be strengthened and could not be part of negotiations.

President Zelensly said on Friday there was a high risk the talks would end because of what he called Russia’s “playbook on murdering people”.

Kyiv accuses Russian troops of atrocities in areas near the capital that they previously occupied. Moscow denies the claims.

Lavrov said that if the United States and other NATO countries were truly interested in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, they should stop sending weapons to Kyiv.

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