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UK's 'best' mobile network just made using your iPhone and Android smartphone much cheaper

Life & StyleUK's 'best' mobile network just made using your iPhone and Android smartphone much cheaper

If you’re looking to slash your current smartphone bill then it might be worth checking out what SMARTY has to offer right now. This UK network was recently crowned the best in the UK by the consumer experts at Which? and now the firm has cut its SIM prices to make using Android and iPhone much more affordable. Perhaps the best deal available right now is for anyone looking for a SIM with totally unlimited calls, texts and data.

SMARTY is offering this option for just £18 per month which is a £2 saving off the usual price. A recent upgrade means that this plan also now includes full access to 5G data technology which will whizz the web to your phone at speeds in excess of 300Mbps. 5G is also better at coping in busy areas such as train stations or people-packed stadiums.

Other benefits from SMARTY include a rolling monthly contract which means you can leave at any time plus there’s free data roaming in the EU so you won’t be charged extra when heading on your holiday.

If unlimited sounds too much for your needs there is another deal from SMARTY that’s even cheaper. The network is also offering a boost to its 30GB plan which now features double the usual data. That means you now get 60GB per month for just £10.

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Once again you get access to that speedy 5G and there’s no long-term contract to sign.


The recent network report from Which? doesn’t make happy reading for the big four networks with EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 all beaten by smaller virtual networks. These services all use technology supplied by those main networks but then offer customers unique services and pricing.

As we mentioned earlier the biggest winner from the Which? report was SMARTY which is actually powered by Three Mobile’s 4G and 5G infrastructure.

This firm – which doesn’t tie customers into long-term contracts and offers low SIM-only prices – was the highest-rated by customers with it earning a coveted five stars out of five for value for money.


Speaking about the latest news, Natalie Hitchins, Which? Head of Home Products and Services, said: “The vast majority of mobile users are with one of the Big Four providers, but our research suggests consumers could save money during the cost of living crisis and get better service by switching to one of the networks challenging their dominance.

“Anyone looking for a reliable carrier that offers a flexible contract and good value for money should consider one of the virtual networks, who continue to outperform the Big Four year after year.”

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