US-style candy superstores open in UK as campaign group warns of 'shocking' health trends

Super sweet shops, where customers can purchase single servings of sweets with around two and a half times the amount of sugar a child should consume daily, are opening across Britain. The so-called candy superstores also sell other sugary items, such as fizzy drinks.

It has been reported in the Times the shops have replaced fashion chains and electrical retailers in occupying premium retail space.

The Local Data Company has said there are 73 more sweet shops in the UK in 2021 than there were in 2020.

The number of clothing shops has fallen by 1,236.

It also appears many sugar-filled superstores are opening up in parts of the country with high levels of obesity and deprivation.

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The Times added sweet shops in the north east have grown from 40 to 68 in the past five years.

Whereas, Glasgow has welcomed five more sweet shops in the last year.

There are believed to be seven large stores on Oxford Street in London.

But the broadsheet claims a campaign group has voiced concern about the trends in childhood health.

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“Supermarkets and manufacturers are supposed to be reducing sugar in sweet foods and are now subject to legal restrictions on how they can promote unhealthy foods.

“Imported US products are not subject to the same restrictions.”

The news comes just months after Boris Johnson, 57, suggested he would not implement a recommendation from a Government-commissioned report to impose a £3billion sugar and salt tax.

Speaking in Coventry, the Prime Minister said: “I’m not, I must say, attracted to the idea of extra taxes on hardworking people.

“Let me just signal that.

“I shall study the report with interest.”

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