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‘Use your instinct not a schedule’ when watering houseplants in the warmer months

Life & Style‘Use your instinct not a schedule’ when watering houseplants in the warmer months

With spring in full force and temperatures on the up, houseplants may need a little more care. As the weather is steadily heating up and increased daylight hours, houseplants will start to need more water and different positioning. Houseplant owners will need to change their routines in order to keep their plants thriving in spring and through the summer months.

Aloe vera houseplants will thrive as the weather gets warmer.

However, tropical plants and flowering houseplants will need more consideration.

Natalie Devereux, plant specialist at Serenata Flowers spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk on her expert tips for looking after houseplants in the heat.

Although indoor plants need to be watered more frequently during the warmer months, pouring huge amounts of water on the plant will not be “effective”.

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Houseplants that are particularly dry can also be left to sit in a bowl of water for a few minutes.

Natalie said: “It’s also a good idea to let your plants sit in a bowl of water for no more than 10 minutes after watering to allow them to soak it up from the bottom, ensuring they are wet through.”

However, she explained that it is crucial not to leave them there, or the roots “will rot, and all the good work will be undone”.  

In the winter, many houseplant owners will have moved their plants next to a window so they can capture the winter sun.

Although, as the weather gets hotter houseplants should be kept away from sunny window sills.

The plant guru said: “Much like humans, plants are sensitive to strong summer rays so the best thing you can do is find a shady spot. 

“Even if your plants do well on a sunny ledge the rest of the year, as the rays get stronger, you’ll find plants can start burning and bleaching.”

Much like those who can become tetchy in the heat, plants are more stressed when the weather is warmer, and they go into survival mode, so this isn’t the time for unnecessary plant maintenance. 

Natalie advised: “Avoid using fertiliser, repotting, or any significant pruning and of course, stay clear of any oils which can cause the leaves to burn in the heat.”

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