VDL stunned as Poland chief brutally confronts her with German and French court rulings

Addressing members of the European Parliament, the Polish leader blasted Ursula von der Leyen’s “threats” and “blackmail” against his country following Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal’s decision over the supremacy of EU law.

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal ruled earlier this month that parts of EU law are incompatible with the country’s constitution, undermining the central tenet of the European Union and fuelling talk that Poland could one day quit the 27-nation bloc.

Defending the ruling, Mr Morawiecki proceeded to quote a number of rulings over the supremacy of member states’ constitutions over some aspects of EU laws.

In doing so, the Polish leader stunned Ursula von der Leyen and MEPs in the chamber as he admitted to be quoting rulings by French, German and Danish courts.

He said: “I can see from your faces that you do not agree with me and I don’t understand why you disagree.

“These quotes were from the French constitutional tribunal, the German federal constitutional court, the Danish court.

“And I skipped the decisions of the Italian and Spanish courts.

“And the quotes from the Polish constitutional court were from 2004/2005, so after Poland joined the EU.”

Admitting different states’ court rulings were related to different issues, he added: “Yes, but God’s sake, there is one thing in common.

“It confirms that member states’ constitutional courts recognise the right to control, no more, no less.

“Control where EU law is being executed and implemented within the competencies that are granted to it.”

He continued: “The highest law of the Republic of Poland is the constitution and this principle will be defended.”

The Polish chief also took the opportunity to remind EU chiefs that “the EU is not a state”, adding: “We have 27 member states in Europe, member states remain sovereign and masters of the Treaties.”

More to follow…

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