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‘Very dependent’ Putin has Eastern Europe shaking as Slovakia warns of new gas cuts

World‘Very dependent’ Putin has Eastern Europe shaking as Slovakia warns of new gas cuts

The Prime Minister of Slovakia warned his country is highly dependent on Russian gas provision and highlighted how the fuel crisis could fracture unity across Europe. Appearing on Newsnight, Eduard Heger was asked, “how threatened does Slovakia feel now Putin has cut off Polish and Bulgarian gas supplies today?” He said: “It is a very serious problem and it could cause problems for Slovakia.”

Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom announced it would halt gas supply to Poland and Bulgaria as Slovakia, among other European countries, continues to be heavily reliant on Russian resources

Discussing the invasion, Mr Heger said “we have to support Ukraine as much as possible and they need our support.”

However, the Slovakian Prime Minister highlighted to potential European chaos Russian fuel embargos could ignite.

He added: “When we speak of the gas, yes, Slovakia is very dependent.”

Hungary was ranked just above Slovakia for reliance on Russian gas as Putin’s state provides nearly one-quarter of the country’s total energy supply.

Mr Heger outlined a plan for Slovakia to store excess energy to provide emergency supplies in the event of Russian provisions being cut off.

He explained.“We do several things, first is the storage capacity that we do fill up – but this is not an easy job.”

“We are very dependent on the unity and solidarity of the other countries that have sufficient gas supplies.”

Slovakia is a land-locked country that is unable to access sufficient domestic energy supply.

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Mr Heger also said: “We are trying to protect the unity and we are pushing for the unity – that’s what we need.

“Of course, he could cause us trouble with the gas, but it won’t be allowed, he could break our unity and it would be the end of the European Union which we cannot allow.”

He called upon European countries to unite against Putin and support one another in the struggle for energy supplies.

Much of Europe pledged to reduce reliance on Russian gas following Putin’s attack on Ukraine, but much of Europe, particularly central areas, remain heavily dependent on Russian supplies.

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