'Very isolated!' EU mocked as Brexit Britain sees record-breaking number of student visas

Almost 430,000 student visas were issued in 2021 by the British Home Office. In a blow to Brussels and fear-mongering Remainers, Brexit Britain immigration services have issued more student visas than ever.

Celebrating the record-breaking numbers, the Home Office said that “from 2017 until the pandemic, there has been a strong annual increase in the number of student visas, with an average increase of + 10 percent per year over the period”.

Mocking the EU and those who believed the UK would become unattractive to students and businesses post-Brexit, Generation Brexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois said: “The United Kingdom of Brexit is very isolated from the rest of the world.

“As the supporters of the EU had promised!”

Around 135,000 visas have been issued to Chinese students, a 13 percent increase from September 2019 – the UK is apparently the only English-speaking country that has seen an increase this year in the number of student visa applications from China.

Among the European students enrolled this year, French students obtained the highest number of scholarships (3,872), followed by German (3,500) and Spanish (3,183) students.

It comes as Britain is still locking horns with the bloc over the Northern Ireland protocol.

Brexit minister Lord Frost has said “significant” gaps still remain following his latest talks with the European Commission on Friday.

Following a video conference call with commission vice president Maros Sefcovic, Lord Frost said they would speak again next week while their teams will have intensified talks in the coming days.

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After the meeting, Mr Sefcovic urged London to conclude a deal to allow medicines to flow easily from Britain to Northern Ireland as well as other issues concerning trade to the British province.

He said: “Time to get medicines across the finish line and show strong political will to advance on the rest.

“This will translate into real benefits for all communities in Northern Ireland.”

The UK is pressing for an easing of checks on goods moving from mainland Great Britain to Northern Ireland under the protocol, arguing they are damaging business and straining community relations.

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