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'Very powerful': New electric concept car comes without brakes and charges when stopping

Life & Style'Very powerful': New electric concept car comes without brakes and charges when stopping

DS Automobiles have taken future vehicle technology to a new level by designing a car without conventional brakes. The Parisian-based luxury carmaker has developed a prototype electric vehicle that uses only electric motor regeneration.

These would be used instead of conventional brakes, which the company believes showcases a “potential future on electric vehicles”.

DS used technology from the brand’s Formula E race car, the DS E Tense Performance.

It uses two onboard electric motors to slow the vehicle entirely through regenerative braking, up to 600kW.

The brand is now exploring whether regenerative braking alone could be used as the sole means to slow cars down.

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Beatrice Foucher, CEO of DS Automobiles, praised the technology, saying it could provide major benefits in the future.

She added: “Formula E is about maximising performance and efficiency, and the DS E Tense Performance is our vision of a road car utilising our race-winning technology. 

“Regenerative braking is a very powerful way to not only slow the vehicle down, but also help improve battery performance. 

“The DS E Tense Performance takes the technology to a new level, with regenerative braking used solely to slow the vehicle down.” 

The DS E Tense Performance has been developed in conjunction with the brand’s championship winning Formula E team.

It also uses the same electric motors that can be found in the electric race cars.

With 815hp on tap and a massive 8,000Nm of torque, the DS vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just two seconds.

Using 350kW charging, a full charge can be completed in just five minutes.

DS hasn’t given any information about the braking distances of the electric prototype.

It also hasn’t been confirmed whether the car, or its lack of conventional brakes, will hit the roads in the future.

DS Automobiles was only introduced in 2009, but has made large strides in the automotive space, especially with electric vehicles.

In May 2018, it announced it will launch only electric four-wheel drive and hybrid vehicles starting in 2025.

One of its most popular cars, the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense is a fully electric compact SUV which can charge 80 percent in 30 minutes and has a range of around 200 miles.

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