Veteran author Penelope Lively, 88, slams Woke Britain 'Writers scared to publish books!'

Booker Prize-winning author Penelope Lively has warned that upcoming writers have become too scared to publish books due to Britain’s increasingly “woke” culture. The 88-year-old told BBC Radio 4 that she feared many books that should be published are not being released amid concerns of breaking modern political correct norms. She sympathised with young authors who are scared to publish, saying the current cultural climate was having a “terrible effect.”

Ms Lively told BBC Radio 4: “I think it must be having a terrible effect on younger writers.

“I obviously don’t do social media that kind of thing but I know what goes on.

“I have heard all about it and if I was a young writer today I know that this would be having an effect on me.

“I know that it would be worrying me.

“I would be thinking gosh dare I right about this because it is outside my experience and they shouldn’t be having to feel like that.

“I hope that many are going to be brave enough to just ignore this and write as they should right.

“But I suspect that there may be books that should be published that are not being published these days.”

It after as the Conservative Party chairman, Oliver Dowden slammed “woke” politics in a sweeping attack on the Labour Party.

Mr Dowden used his speech at the party conference in Manchester on Sunday to describe Labour as having “woke running through it like a stick of Brighton rock”.

By contrast, he described the Conservatives as “moderate, pragmatic and open” and said the party was getting “on with the job” in Government.

He attacked “cancel culture”, saying it was “a mantra that results in bullying and haranguing of individuals, elected representatives, and public institutions”, and said the Tories were working to keep statues of “national heroes like Nelson, Gladstone, and Churchill in the places of honour they deserve”.

Mr Dowden said: “You might imagine that a responsible opposition party would be only too keen to demonstrate to the British people that it is on their side against this argument.


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“In fact, I’m afraid the opposite is true. Today’s Labour Party has got woke running through it like a stick of Brighton rock.”

He added: “Previous generations of Labour leaders, activists and voters would look in dismay at what Labour has become.”

Mr Dowden said: “If you want to know why Labour lost the last general election so badly, it’s because so many of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of people like Harry Dowden in communities up and down the country believe that Labour has turned its back on them.”

The party chairman also said the Conservatives were “looking again” at proposed planning reforms because the Tories had “the wisdom to listen to people and the humility to learn how we can do better”.

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