Vine guest James Max shuts down Ash Sarkar over MPs need for second job 'Pay is wrong!'

James Max has erupted at MPs for “having second jobs”, while Ash Sarkar argued that “being an MP is a special kind of job” but that there must be “tight rules to restrict corruption”.  The debate came after Owen Paterson was found to have broken lobbying rules and sparked a row in the Commons after an embarrassing Government U-turn on his suspension.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine on Five programme, James Max said: “It doesn’t matter what job you do, if you have access to people, if you get to know people in the same way that Jeremy, over the years, you’ve got to know some very interesting people as a result of what you do.

“You have more of a value than other people who haven’t done that.

“So we all are always going to have that problem. 

“But I also think that we need to look again, and I’ve been criticised before and I’ll be criticised again.”

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He continued: “The pay that we have for MPs is wrong.

But then why are we paying chief executives of NHS Trusts quarter of a million quid?

Why are we paying heads of schools between 150 and 250,000 pounds?” 

Jeremy Vine said: “What is wrong, to use this as an example with Theresa May, being an afternoon speaker?

“Why shouldn’t she do it – she’s not peddling influences, is she?

“I’ll give you another one. Nadine Doris, who’s now in the Cabinet has written novels. You got to stop this as well? 

Ms Sarkar said: “But this is also famously Michael Foot, right?

“He was an MP. And again, it would be really straightforward for your time in office.”


She continued: “I mean, you can craft it so there are exemptions.

“If you think that writing novels is something which is socially useful, then you could say, ‘well, we have that as an exemption’.

“Because the thing is that if you are an MP, it’s a special kind of job or if you have a level of scrutiny and power over shaping legislation, which means that I do think it’s important to craft tight rules to restrict as far as as possible the effect of money in corrupting somebody’s dreams.”

Owen Paterson was found to have broken lobbying rules and was handed down a 30-day suspension before MPs voted not to proceed.
He later was forced to resign after the vote sparked outrage amoing the public and Opposition MPs.

Sir Keir Starmer has told Boris Johnson to apologise over handling Owen Paterson’s sleaze row. 

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