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‘Virtually indestructible’ houseplants which ‘can’t be killed’ – you can ‘forget about’ it

Life & Style‘Virtually indestructible’ houseplants which ‘can’t be killed’ - you can ‘forget about’ it

Some houseplants need more care than others, depending on how fast they grow and their watering needs. Experts from Stelrad have researched to find out which houseplants are “virtually impossible” for owners to kill and how to look after them, including the money tree, spider plant and peace lily.

They said: “Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? Well not literally with the money tree, but it is believed to bring good luck to whoever owns this plant.

“Simply water it weekly and place it in direct or partial sunlight.”

The tree also needs plenty of room to grow and if it does need repotting, spring is the best time to do so.

The experts also recommended the peace lily for a low maintenance houseplant.

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They said: “This is a hugely popular plant when it comes to decorating your home and it is one that is also a relatively fast grower.

“They’re pretty adaptable too, so will be happy indoors or even in a shady outdoor space.

“They will need a little bit of indirect sunlight, and some water when the soil starts to feel dry.”

Other unkillable houseplants include aloe vera, corn plant, panda plant and the Chinese evergreen.

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