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'Was a Tory chancellor!' Ed Balls rips apart Dominic Raab in North Sea oil and gas row

News'Was a Tory chancellor!' Ed Balls rips apart Dominic Raab in North Sea oil and gas row

The former Labour Shadow Chancellor pointed out that Conservative Geoffrey Howe introduced a one-off windfall tax on certain bank deposits during a national crisis. A 20 percent tax on North Sea oil was also introduced. He said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “The Labour Government had a windfall tax in 1997, the Conservative Government had a windfall tax on the banks in 1981. That’s not a party political issue.

“It’s something you do when there’s been a big hike in prices and profits and you want to deliver something for consumers. Is it really such a bad idea?”

Mr Raab replied: “I think your political credentials are coming out.

“I think it’s a crazy idea. Is this a party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party?”

Mr Balls interjected: “I think Geoffrey Howe was a Conservative Chancellor.

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“A Conservative Chancellor decided to have a windfall tax on the banks.

“That’s not a Labour idea, it’s Conservative.”

Mr Raab continued: “Whenever a Labour Government has been in office, unemployment has finished higher than when it began.

“The handling of the economic crisis left us with sky-high unemployment and a massive deficit.”

“Offshore drilling services are critical for oil and gas producers,” said Colin Raftery, the CMA’s senior director of mergers.

“We’re therefore concerned that the loss of competition that this deal would bring about could result in higher prices or lower quality services, increasing operating costs for oil and gas producers in the UK North Sea.”

The UK faces an energy crisis and four in 10 people in Britain could fall into fuel poverty in October, energy bosses warned this week.

At the start of April, regulator Ofgem increased the price cap by 54 percent as wholesale prices for energy suppliers soared.

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