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Water park slide COLLAPSES with children falling 30 feet and 16 in hospital

WorldWater park slide COLLAPSES with children falling 30 feet and 16 in hospital

The incident happened at Kenjeran Park, known as Kenpark, in the city of Surabaya located in the Indonesian province of East Java on Saturday. According to local media reports, a section of the water slide collapsed and riders plummeted from a height of around 10 metres to the ground below.According to local reports the injured were treated in hospital.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi asked the city’s health office and the women empowerment and child protection, population control, and family planning office to give the victims help until they recover.

He said: “The Surabaya City Government will provide trauma-healing assistance to be carried out by the offices to all victims.

“They are accompanied until full recovery.

“One victim did not experience any problems, and after a CT scan, (the victim’s) condition was normal and there were no fractures and other injuries.

“But (the victim) experienced dizziness, and must be hospitalised and observed by the medical team, Insya Allah (God Willing), it would not be something, thus, we pray together.”

Video footage of the incident captures the moment children fell to the ground.

One video shows a section of the water slide collapsing as water flows into the ground and the impact of people hitting the tarmac can be heard.

Onlookers then rush forward to help while others scream in shock 

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They said maintenance was carried out on the slide about nine months ago.

The deputy mayor of Surabaya, Armuji, called for the immediate inspection of other amusement parks in the area in order to avoid similar accidents from taking place in the future.

He also told owners of amusement parks to follow necessary safety measures in order to protect the well-being of their visitors.

After the incident the water park was closed as the police carried out investigations.

The full police investigation is still ongoing.

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