'We need to build up immunity!' Dr Hilary Jones says go out if you have a cold

Good Morning Britain doctor Dr Hilary Jones has insisted Britons should still go to work if they have a cold post-coronavirus. While speaking on the show he insisted people needed colds to ensure their immune systems remain strong. He did differentiate between severe infectious illnesses and a simple cold however and said if someone is clearly infectious, has no energy to get out of bed, and has a heavy cough they should stay home. 

He added the people would never build up an immunity against trivial simple colds.

As he noted people have lost that immunity, to some extent, from not mixing with other people as much and staying at home.

Mr Hilary said: “Of course we should go to work with a simple cold.

“If we have got a fever that is completely different, if we have got a fever and are constitutionally unwell, we can hardly get out of bed and we have a hacking cough and we are clearly infectious.

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“Then stay at home, stay in bed and protect everybody else.

“But with a simple cold, we need colds to keep our immune system ready.”

GMB host Richard Madeley added that he agreed and said if everyone would isolate for simple reasons, the population would not build any resistance.

Mr Jones agreed and said: “If we adopted that attitude, no doctor would ever see any patients.

“Patients come to doctors with coughs and colds all the time and doctors build up an immunity because of that.

“We all need to build up an immunity to trivial simple colds.

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