'We will be on those borders!' US ready to deploy to Poland to stop 'dangerous' Belarus

Ms Farkas has warned NATO is ready to intervene if the migrant crisis is not resolved on the Polish borders while also calling for a “humanitarian response”. The former US deputy assistant Defense Secretary insisted her country, as a member of the alliance, is prepared to deploy to monitor the “dangerous situation” brewing at the border. Hundreds of migrants have been piling up at the Polish border with Belarus, with Minsk accused of manufacturing a crisis to put pressure on its neighbour and on the European Union.

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Ms Farkas said: “We will be on this Polish borders if necessary.

“We are NATO members. Article Five means that if there is a threat to the integrity of the Polish state. 

“I mean Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the EU Commission herself, so not NATO. 

“The European Union actually said that this was a weaponisation.

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“I think you quoted another official saying that so this is a very dangerous situation that involves not just the European Union, but NATO and in that sense, it involves the United States.” 

BBC Newsnight host Emily Maitlis asked: “Can I just press you on that when they say we will be there if necessary, this sounds pretty necessary now. 

“You’ve got 1000 people or more corralled against a barbed-wire fence. So is it time to put troops on the border?”

Ms Farkas said: “I think that there are other means to address the current situation on the border there between Belarus and Poland.

“And the Polish authorities have secured the area, although that’s only part of the answer. 

“The real answer is to stop the slow as the Polish Foreign Minister himself said, we can’t have these people being lured under false pretenses, essentially trafficked to Belarus. 

“In addition to that, of course, for those who are stuck in the border area and in Poland and in Belarus, we need to have a humanitarian response.”


She went on: “I mean, that’s the one part that is missing.


“But unfortunately for the for the Governments of Poland, Lithuania, other countries on that front line on the border, it’s hard for them to act in a humanitarian way while they’re worried about you know, the incoming numbers of people.”

On Monday, hundreds of migrants were blocked at a crossing by Polish troops.

They are trapped between Polish guards on one side and Belarusian guards on the other.

The European Union is to step up sanctions against Belarus in response to the migrant crisis. 

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