'We're allowing ballerinas in!’ Ferrari calls on EU sanctions to be lifted for HGV crisis

Nick concluded: “We need them for three, maybe six months to get over the hurdle but Kwasi Kwarteng says, ‘No, I don’t agree with that, that allows cheap labour’.

“We should be trying to assure British lorry drivers getting a better deal from better firms.

“I say solve the problem now, worry about the rest later down the line.”

Chipping in to agree with the LBC radio DJ, Gyles said: “The long-term solution Nick has touched on. I met this week, so it happens to be one of the biggest wholesalers of food in the country.

“They operate what they call a warehouse to wheels scheme, and they take people that work in their warehouses and train them up to be heavy goods drivers.

“That is the whole point,” he added.

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