'We're trying to recover!' Scot erupts at SNP MSP over indyref2 mandate in BBC debate

BBC Debate Night’s audience member Joshwa has slammed SNP’s talks about the Scottish Referendum when the UK is still trying to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, saying he doesn’t “see how this could be the appropriate time to discuss this”. According to the National Records of Scotland (NRS), 11,406 people have died in Scotland with confirmed or suspected coronavirus.

Speaking to the panel on BBC Debate night, an audience member called Joshua said: “I just don’t see how this could be the appropriate time to discuss this.

“We’re trying to recover from the pandemic.

“We’ve talked previously about issues with health care NHS and things.

“How can this be the right time, creating more uncertainty for business, putting more jobs at risk?”

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He added: “This doesn’t feel right. I don’t think this is what’s in the best interest of the country. For now.”

Richard Lochhead said in response: “Well, as you know, a manifesto to deliver a referendum on independence as my party did, and we won the elections.

A few months ago and we won elections quite well in Scotland.

“We got a really good mandate.

In fact, we got a bigger mandate for an independence referendum in this parliamentary term than David Cameron got for his European referendum back in 2016.”

He went on: “The First Minister has said very strongly, the absolute priority at the moment is to deal with Covid, because that’s the biggest issue we face as a country at the moment.

And we hopefully, I think we don’t know what the future holds with COVID, but we’re getting through that, we’re managing COVID.

“And in this partnership, we will have an independence referendum that the people of Scotland voted for.”

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Keir Starmer has criticised Nicola Sturgeon’s talks about the prospect of Scottish independence.

He said: “I think Nicola Sturgeon said that she wants to be judged on her record, but if you look at her record on education, it’s appalling.

“If you look at her record on health and the health service, it is appalling.

“You can see very clearly what is going on here which is, as ever, using the constitution shield to mask an appalling record of failure by the SNP”.

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