What a plonker: Policeman sacked after he only paid 10p for Jaffa Cakes at charity stall

PC Chris Dwyer, 51, had put coins in the cash tin and, in turn, took two packets of Jaffa Cakes from the stall.

A misconduct hearing heard how after the man was asked about the underpayment, it was discovered he had only put in two 5p coins into the jar.

A West Yorkshire Police disciplinary panel heard how dishonest the man was in his explanation.

They declared that his evidence was “evasive and an attempt to reduce his culpability”.

PC Dwyer had joined the police force in 2017.

The policeman had spent 25 years in the navy before joining the force in 2017.

Due to his actions, the man was given a four-day disciplinary hearing to determine what the outcome would be.

Following these hearings, the policeman was found guilty of gross misconduct.

This prompted PC Dwyer to be immediately dismissed from his role as a policeman.

Detective Superintendent Mark Long, of West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate, said: “This officer’s actions do not fit with the values of the organisation and he has been dishonest when challenged.

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They tweeted: “People saying the punishment is too harsh.

“The police set the standard for the rest of us. If they cannot be trusted who can.

“It should be a deterrent to people already on the force and those thinking of joining.

“Standards must be high to gain public trust.”

However, it was clear that Twitter user @babyjays felt like it was a step too far to sack PC Dwyer.

They tweeted: “Seriously a slap on the wrist and maybe a small donation to the charity and an apology letter/email/call would have been a much better outcome.”

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