What does Japanese knotweed look like? The six key characteristics you should know

What do Japanese knotweed leaves look like?

Perhaps one of the most confusing characteristics of this weed is the generic foliage.

Japanese knotweed leaves are often light green with a red or purple hue glazed over each leaf.

The leaves can be identified by their distinctive pointed heart shape which stem from the plant in a zigzag pattern.

As they mature, fresh leaves will appear rolled up with rich red lines running through them like veins and can grow up to 20cm long.

How to identify Japanese knotweed by its stem

The zigzag pattern is easy to spot in the stems of Japanese knotweed as they shoot off in a random formation.

Stems appear hollow green with purple and red flecks and can grow up to two or three metres tall.

Japanese knotweed stems can grow up to 2cm per day, making this nuisance weed hard to control as it spreads.

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