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When is the best time of day to water tomatoes? 'Prevent diseases' and 'burning' plants

Life & StyleWhen is the best time of day to water tomatoes? 'Prevent diseases' and 'burning' plants

Tomato growing season is upon us, with many plants producing bright, ripe fruits between July and September. However, making sure you care for your tomato plant correctly is the key to a bountiful yield come mid-summer.

The experts explain: “Once the temperatures drop and the water becomes cold, your plants will be exposed to health risks.”

Gardeners should also make sure they are administering the water in a way that it can be “efficiently used” by the plants.

Leaving your tomatoes to stand in too much water can create a host of problems for the roots.

Overwatered plants may develop wilted or yellowed stems and leaves, or the leaves might develop bumps and blisters or fall off entirely.

Swan Hose added: “The manner in which you water tomato plants is also very important.

“You should always water the stem of the plant instead of the leaves and flowers.

“Water on leaves is a recipe for disaster.”

In general, tomatoes need approximately one inch of water per week to allow for even, steady growth.

However, if you are expecting a period of high temperatures, this amount can be increased to around three inches.

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