Why EU chief Ursula von der Leyen will be sweating over Germany election results

This type of hostility is a key reason by some allies of Ms von der Leyen are growing increasingly anxious about what the rise of the SPD could mean for the EU.

Ms von der Leyen is currently due to remain in her position until 2024 – but if Mr Scholz opposes the Commission President she could perhaps lose out on a second term after that time.

When Ms von der Leyen was nominated for her role in 2019, some of her fiercest critics were German Social Democrats.

But in the end, she was chosen over German MEP Manfred Weber, the candidate from the European People’s Party – a move which created more bitterness between Ms von der Leyen and some conservatives.

With Ms Merkel’s support for Ms von der Leyen, some of the frustrations levied at the Commission President were alleviated, but with the former’s departure it is likely the latter will face a more acrimonious climate.

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