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'Will help prevent colour fading': 27p method for laundry – 'keep clothes looking good'

Life & Style'Will help prevent colour fading': 27p method for laundry - 'keep clothes looking good'

Lynsey Crombie is a cleaning expert who shares her housework insights on This Morning. Lynsey, who is a former professional cleaner, has a legion of fans who love her clever cleaning methods.

Recently she discussed a cheap way to help your clothes last longer and get cleaner in the wash.

The product costs just 27p and Lynsey swears by it.

Lynsey said: “Do you ever add salt to your dark laundry?

“Well, if you don’t next time you have a dark load in particular dark jeans add a scoop of table salt to the drum before adding your laundry.

“Why? Well, salt is a great inexpensive staple that most homes have and when added to dark laundry will help prevent colour fading.”

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Just normal table salt is perfectly fine for the tip. It can be bought from any supermarket for around 27p.

Salt is said to stop fabric colours from bleeding in the wash, as well as setting the colour into the garment.

Salt is used frequently to set dye during commercial dying purposes.

Table salt can also be used on the surface of fabrics to remove dirt and dust, making colours look brighter.

Cleaning and organisation guru Stephanie Booth from Georgia explained all.

Her tip meant that clothes will be softer and fresher even if you have very hard water.

“Here’s three effective laundry boosters to give your detergent that extra oomph to get your fabrics fresh and clean,” she said.

Stephanie recommended baking soda, super washing soda, and borax.

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