William Shatner, 90, details physical toll space took on his body ‘Can I endure this?’

Back in July billionaire and founder of Amazon reached an altitude of 66.5 miles on Blue Origin’s first ever space mission, even playing with a few ping pong balls in zero gravity for a few minutes during his flight.

The total flight time for their trips so far is surprisingly short, lasting only 10 minutes from lift-off to landing, as the rocket is designed to carry a capsule only just up past the US boundary of space.

These Blue Origin space trips could usher in a whole new era of space tourism, with Bezos claiming that his company has already sold almost $100 million worth of tickets to future passengers.  

This year, Bezos faced criticism for spending billions on his space travel, but he fired back, insisting that Blue Origin was set up to “build a road to space” that would take pressure off terrestrial development.

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