Winter sun destinations: Five places to visit this winter on the green and amber lists

3 – Dubai, Amber

Unbelievable beaches and life in the lap of luxury: Dubai is all about extravagance.

Dubai is welcoming vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists from the UK. If you have not been vaccinated you’ll need a negative PCR test, but if you’ve been double-jabbed your proof of vaccination is all you need.

Dubai is famous for its sweltering weather. The average temperature for October is 35C, dropping to 31C in November and 26C in December – don’t worry though, air conditioning is ubiquitous.

4 – Gibraltar, Green

A Mediterranean climate with an unmistakably British culture, Gibraltar is everything you love about home except for the weather.

Impressively, Gibraltar also has a 100 percent vaccination rate. They welcome unvaccinated Brits without any quarantine restrictions, but if you’ve not been jabbed you will need to quarantine on arrival.

Gibraltar’s average temperature for October is 23C, down to 19C in November and 17C in December.

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