Woman almost killed by wedgie after wearing tight denim shorts on date

Sam, 25, went on a date dressed in a pair of tight jean shorts. She spent the day with her now-boyfriend “picking her wedgie” – but because she was having such a good time, she didn’t pay enough attention to what was going on. The woman, from North Carolina, has shared her harrowing story, which happened three-and-a-half years ago, in a TikTok video that has gone viral.

She revealed that her date turned into a disaster when she discovered, later that night, that a bump had appeared on her backside.

It grew so sore and painful in the following days that her mother took Sam to the doctor only to find out the wedgie had caused a severe bacterial skin infection – cellulitis.

The doctor described antibiotics for it, but that didn’t end Sam’s wedgie nightmare.

A day later, the cellulitis had developed into sepsis. The life-threatening diagnosis — a common reaction to such an infection — ended up leaving her in ICU for a week, with “the worst stabbing pain”.

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Speaking in her TikTok account, @imtoooldtobeonthisdown, Sam said: “Wearing shorts on one of my first dates with my bf and having a wedgie for 8 hours. Then having a sore a** for a few days.

“After a few days, started to feel sick and went to the doctor. They give me antibiotics for a possible ‘skin infection’ in my a** crack.

“Next day, feeling awful. I can’t walk so I go to the ER and insist I’m in the worst stabbing pain.

“Spends a week in ICU. Doctors tell me they may need to cut off (idk medical terms) the part of my a that is infected. Constantly having to show my a to doctors every day.”

Wearing the shorts, Sam felt great on the day of the date.

It started with brunch, and the pair stayed together for dinner and a comedy show late at night.

They had been seeing each other for about two weeks and the TikToker didn’t want her wardrobe discomfort to ruin their time together.

But her outfit choice was more important than she could have predicted.

While she now views the incident as a funny story she is able to laugh at and share with the world — more than eight million people have watched her TikTok video so far — she isn’t keen on wearing tight denim shorts anymore.

Unsurprisingly, Sam now prefers to wear looser trousers.

The ones that caused the sepsis, however, will always hold a special place in her wardrobe and heart… her date went to spend time with her in hospital, met her family, and was “the nicest person in the world” – cementing their bond into a relationship that still lasts today.

Sam recalled: “He put my hair up for me, he brushed my teeth, he took out my contacts.”

After a week in hospital, a month of home recovery, and another short trip to the doctor, Sam overcame the traumatising incident.

“It’s kind of mindblowing, but we’re for sure telling this at our wedding one day.”

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