'Would love to buy!’ Royal fans praise Princess Eugenie’s artwork for heartfelt subject

Princess Eugenie, 31, put brush to canvass this week as she joined The Anti-Slavery Collective charity foundation for an art therapy class. Whilst she was there, she painted a landscape picture featuring a mountain scene after participants were told to paint murals themed around ‘what freedom meant to each survivor.’

The royal inscribed her artwork with her initials ‘EY’ for Eugenie York.

The Anti-Slavery Collective, which the Princess helped co-found, took to Instagram to share a few words about the royal’s visit.

They wrote: “Yesterday our co-founder, HRH Princess Eugenie, was delighted to visit a Salvation Army outreach hub to take part in an art therapy class alongside modern slavery survivors.

“They painted murals themed around freedom and what it meant to each survivor.

“The Salvation Army offers survivors of modern slavery a wide range of services including: confidential legal advice, health care, counselling, educational opportunities, financial support, and support in obtaining employment and housing.

“Pictured alongside HRH Princess Eugenie is Director for Anti Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Kathy Betteridge, and Service Manager for The Salvation Army’s London Outreach service, Jenny Gibson.”

Royal fans responded positively to the post, with one fan even going as far as to say she would buy some of the artwork if it were available for sale.

User mrecalde1 wrote: “Put those pictures for sale to make money for those girls.

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catriona_jian_najar said: “Love your foundation! Keep up the activism!”

Princess Eugenie is the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Sarah, Duchess of York.

Princess Eugenie welcomed her first child this year, August Philip Hawke on February 9 2021.

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