Wrong again! Brussels' Breton MOCKED for claiming Brexit 'a catastrophe for UK

Speaking on Tuesday French politician and high-level EU official, Thierry Breton claimed what is happening in the UK is a “real drama”. With the EU suffering similar issues, Britons took to social media to criticise Mr Breton for his comments. Josh Williams said: “Surprising that an EU official says it’s been a disaster?

“They’re scared Germany or France goes.”

Juliette Smith added: “Most of it down to lockdowns which is why swathes of Europe also have driver shortages.”

Another Twitter user named Grant also said: “If they are still talking about the UK, we must have them rattled.”

Paul Williams also said the EU was missing the influence and financial power of the UK within the bloc.

Speaking to French broadcaster, BFMTV, Mr Breton claimed Britain had failed to regain the prosperity the Government said it would after leaving the EU.

In an attack against the UK, he said: “Look at what’s going on with store shelves, with the restocking of fuel, with the lack of nurses and doctors, with the truck driver shortage and with everything construction.

“What’s going on these days is a disaster.”

He added: “Consider that after they said they could regain prosperity, which meant to some extent that every EU national would be kicked out — at least a large part of them — well now they need to come back, because nurses are missing.

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While Brexit may stop certain workers returning to the UK, others left due to the pandemic or to move into different industries.

Many British lorry drivers also took early retirement while numbers have steadily decreased over the last few years, industry experts have said.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation claimed it was “wrong” to blame Brexit for the current crisis.

Mr Wright, who described himself as a Remainer, said: “It’s not just lazy, I think it’s wrong.

“So I was an absolutely massive Remainer and I still think it was an extraordinary decision.

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