Xi Jinping 'in a hurry' to unify Taiwan as China preparing military force

Michael Shoebridge from the Australian Strategic Policy institute warned that Xi Jinping is preparing his military in China to take Taiwan. While speaking on Sky News Australia he remarked how the leader is eager and in a hurry to unify Taiwan with the rest of China. He added the only way to do this would be through force.

However, he noted that there were some things deterring China from making this move immediately.

Mr Shoebridge said: “I think we have got to take these things seriously.

“Xi Jinping does want to unify Taiwan with the mainland while he is the leader.

“He is a man in a hurry and the only way to unify Taiwan now after what he has done to Hong Kong is to do it by force.

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“So when we see these Chinese military flights going in greater and greater numbers into Taiwan’s air defence zone we need to take it seriously.

“We shouldn’t just shrug our shoulders.”

The expert noted that there was some positive news despite the bleak outlook of the situation.

He said: “Right while this is happening there are six NAVY forces cooperating together with three aircraft carriers in moves to deter Beijing.

She said: “A lot of analysts will say that this is such a key goal of Xi Jinping for China that failure isn’t really an option

There is a sense that if China does intend to launch an invasion or attack on Taiwan, they want to be very certain that it is going to be successful.

“The main goal of Taiwan and those that support it is to create a deterrent.

“That is why we see Taiwan boosting its defences, it is making a lot of large weapon purchases from the US, costing billions of dollars.

“It is also developing a porcupine strategy, an asymmetric defence system as a way to deter China from taking this kind of action.”

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