Yellowstone season 4: Beth Dutton's death 'confirmed' after Cole Hauser's latest warning?

Jamie Dutton actor Wes Bentley says: “Where we pick up is right where we left off. The action of the scene is in real-time.

“They have amassed quite a list of enemies. It could be one involved in Broken Rock, it could be big money players…or it could be someone right in their own living room.”

One of the show’s creators, Taylor Sheridan, adds: “It was a devastating attack against the family. So we have got to figure out who is left to look into it, and that’s my goal.”

Fans instantly turn to Rip Wheeler as it has been suggested he will be the one to hunt down the Dutton killers.

Hauser is finally heard confirming: “Everybody is gonna get f****d up.”

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