Yellowstone season 4: Will John Dutton bring Teeter back?

Yellowstone season four airs on The Paramount Network and fans were devastated at the latest losses. John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) culled a number of female characters in the Western melodrama, with Teeter (Jen Landon) getting the boot. Fans have discussed whether she will ever return to the Dutton ranch.

Will Teeter return to Yellowstone?

The latest season of Yellowstone has thrown up some dramatic twists and the latest episode was no exception.

The instalment saw John Dutton say goodbye to the women of the bunkhouse, with Teeter caught up in the mass eviction.

Thanks to the ongoing feud between Walker (Ryan Bingham) and Lloyd (Forrie J Smith), John decided to remove all distractions.

Walker took Lloyd’s one-time flame Laramie (Hassie Harrison) from him which led to a dramatic brawl.

John felt his only option to prevent it from happening again was to fire all women in the bunkhouse.

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Fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Teeter’s exit and what may happen to her character.

GoodShark13 said: “I could not be more upset that Teeter is gone. She was amazing. Every time she opened her mouth, it was a mystery.

“And when she was done talking, it was still a mystery. I loved her character. Damn Barrel Girls ruined everything. They were the worst characters on the show. They brought nothing but frustration.”

Some fans suggested she may end up on the 6666 ranch with Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White).

But byablue interjected: “I hope not. I hope John realizes he acted rashly and changes his mind about Teeter.

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SkiRek said: “I don’t think she will go. She has the brand. While most of the bunkhouse was getting branded they specifically called her out during the ceremony thing.

“She won’t leave. If she does, it’ll be very wrong.”

CarrieDB30 added: “That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. I haven’t even worried about it because she’s got the brand.

“They weren’t kicked off the ranch anyway, were they? Just out of the bunkhouse.”

If Teeter is able to stay close to the ranch, John may have a chance of heart.

A second bunkhouse away from the ranch could be provided for the other women, to avoid further conflict.

Once the Lloyd and Walker storyline has drawn to a close, there would be no reason for her not to return.

Teeter actress Landon is on Instagram and she has been sharing behind the scenes snaps from the set.

She is yet to post anything about her character’s absence or how long she will be away from the ranch.

Yellowstone airs on Sundays on The Paramount Network.

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