Yellowstone's Jamie Dutton star exposes real reason for Christina return: 'Broken free'

During his investigations, Jamie went to go see the man who attacked his family, Riggins (Bruno Amato) to find out who he was hired by.

To persuade him to talk, Jamie offered him a deal for full immunity, stressed he would be put in protective custody and moved out of this prison.

This is when Jamie asked Riggins if he knew Garrett Randall and if he was hired by Garrett to try and kill the Dutton family.

Riggins agreed and told him that Garrett was involved in the attack on the Duttons, but with the arrival of Christine, fans will have to keep watching to see how Jamie will navigate through this.

Yellowstone season 4 continues Sundays on the Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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