Yellowstone’s Will Patton shares ‘toughest’ scene to film in new role ‘Scariest thing'

And while it pulls no punches in highlighting Adam’s struggles with the addiction and the effect it has on his daughter, Patton admitted it was a particularly tough scene he was unsure he’d be able to portray.

Speaking exclusively to, the Yellowstone said of the scene in question: “As a matter of fact, I – that was one play where I said to Alex, ‘I just don’t know, man, I got to understand this.’ 

“I eventually was able to find it, but that was the scariest part of the script to me when I was deciding to do it. 

“It’s hard. But that’s what’s great about Alex too is that his films have this joy and his hope and they’re almost like a party. But at the same time, he doesn’t, you know, avoid what’s difficult about life.

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