'You should be ashamed!' Ex-Macron advisor slammed over Brexit claim in furious clash

Andrew Pierce furiously shamed General Dominique Trinquand, a former adviser to Emmanuel Macron, in a heated live interview on Friday. The LBC presenter told the former French general that President Macron was “childish and churlish” for disinviting Priti Patel from a summit to discuss solutions for the Channel crossings. The move signals an escalating diplomatic crisis since the tragic deaths of 27 people in the Channel on Wednesday.

General Dominique Trinquand stunned Mr Pierce when he suddenly brought up Brexit during a conversation about the Channel.

He said: “The UK decided on Brexit, but when you don’t want to apply agreement on Ireland for example.”

Mr Pierce interrupted: “Hang on, what’s this got to do with 27 people perishing in the Channel?”

General Trinquand said: “Because Mr Johnson is using this catastrophe to show that he is independent.

“But you have to coordinate this with Europe.”

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The LBC host again hit back: “So then why disinvite the British Home Secretary from a very important joint meeting? It is childish and churlish.”

A shouting match then erupted when Mr Pierce accused the French police of “turning a blind eye” to the crossings.

General Trinquand disputed this, saying “that was completely wrong” before adding: “I am fed up with this nationalist reaction.”

Mr Pierce told the former French general: “You should be ashamed of the reaction, of the French police turning a blind eye.

The latest row between the French and UK sides saw President Macron criticise Mr Johnson’s decision to issue a public letter detailing a five-point plan via Twitter.

The French leader accused the UK Prime Minister of not being “serious” by making the call on Twitter.

The French government’s official spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, called it “mediocre in terms of the content, and wholly inappropriate as regards the form”.

Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and the European Commission are due to attend Sunday’s talks in Calais without the UK.

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