'Youngsters don't want to do manual labour!' Turkey farmer slams 'employ locally' demand

Farmer Paul Kelly explained kids these days would prefer to go to college and university and avoid helping out on the local farm which he said he did not blame them for. He went on to explain how the nature of local workforces has changed massively in the last 30-years as he shared concerns of a dwindling labour force sparking a turkey shortage in Britain this Christmas before calling for the borders to be thrown open to foreign workers.

Mr Kelly added: “We are a small turkey farmer, we are managing, we have got settled status that will last us for three years.

But the bigger guys, most of the big chicken packing stations – they are short of 300 staff everyday! It is an absolute nightmare!”

“People say ‘why don’t you empty locally’.”

He explained: “30-years ago our turkeys were plucked by the local village, by local people, mum, dad, grandad, all the kids.

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But his comments were slapped down by fellow guest, the journalist Isobel Oakeshott who revealed how despite Mr Kelly’s complaints, there were in fact no job vacancies on his website.

She told the show: “I am absolutely intrigued as to where you advertise your jobs because when I found out I was going to be debating you today I tried to get a job at your farm.

“I looked high and low, I’ve searched the internet for vacancies at your company.

“I cannot find a single advert to work on your farm!”

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