'You're obsessed!' Keir Starmer erupts at Beth Rigby amid tense Labour Party probe

Sir Keir Starmer has clashed with Beth Rigby after the Sky News presenter attempted to pin the Labour leader on the direction of the party. Ms Rigby argued Sir Keir was attempting to wrestle the Labour Party toward the centre and away from the left-wing ideology of the Jeremy Corbyn era. Sir Keir erupted at the probe and claimed Labour was becoming a party that “looks outwards rather than inwards” and suggested  Ms Rigby was wrong to be “obsessed” with the direction Labour was taking.

Ms Rigby blasted: “I am trying to get to the principle of where you are moving the party and you won’t answer the question.

“You are moving it away from the left because you believe you can win an election in the centre-ground, yes or no?”

Sir Keir replied: “I am moving it from a party that looked inward to a party that looks outward, I am moving a party that looks backwards to a party that looks forward.”

He added: “You are obsessed with this position!”


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